About Us

Our Mission:

ROV technology

To provide innovative solutions with ROV's within the environmental industry.

Our principal targets are to show how a ROV can efficiently and effectively achieve safe solutions with underwater robotic technology.

We can provide visual inspections with High Definition imagery and sonar scanning of underwater infrastructure.

We are an Australian team based in Queensland whose members have worked for many years in the offshore and recruitment sector. We have global international experience working on projects with a diverse range of companies.

Some of our previous solution partners:


We maintain a core group of ROV personnel, enabling a superior quality of ROV work meeting the highest standards of maintenance and operations.

With our extensive first hand ROV operating experience and large network of ROV personnel working and living around the world, we provide an excellent service to clients and contractors.

We are able to provide experienced personnel at short notice, for short, medium or long term contracts. All our personnel have been approved and can be mobilised worldwide in a matter of hours.

Our team are happy to arrange and manage travel requirements for contractors travelling to and from projects. All of our personnel are covered with public liability, personal accident and travel insurance.

We provide:

  1. 1. Underwater infrastructure inspections
  2. 2. Reef monitoring
  3. 3. Crown of Thorns Seastar control
  4. 4. Selection and recruitment of ROV personnel
  5. 5. Arrangement of international travel, visas and documentation as required
  6. 6. Round the clock support and liaison with clients and contractors as needed
  7. 7. ROV services

Training Programs

Any training required for employees such as BOSIET, UKOA medicals etc can be organized.

Skill Retention Strategies

Oakford Offshore maintains a database of personnel with relevant course, permit and medical requirements.



Workclass experience neccessary. Australian/NZ work visas only.

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